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The Launch of Lawyers Against Poverty

Magna Carta for the Poor: from Runnymede to Nepal.

Come and meet the Head of Oxfam and the President of The Law Society and join the launch of Lawyers Against Poverty
Please join us for the next event in our legal breakfast series on Thursday 18 June from 8am – 10am at The Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, WC2A 1PL which will be co hosted with Oxfam GB.

This event will formally launch Lawyers Against Poverty, a new network of individual lawyers who are committed to ending poverty through their financial and personal commitment.

Issues being discussed will include:

· Magna Carta was sealed on 15 June 1215. How do its high principles help access to justice today throughout the world?

· 4 billion people lack access to justice today, and although the principles of the rule of law and access to justice are almost universally accepted, they are often only honoured in the breach.

· Come and meet the Head of Oxfam, Mark Goldring and the UN’s former Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty, lawyer Magdalena Sepulveda Carmona, who will discuss with the President of the Law Society how we can promote the ideals of access to justice and the rule of law, and hear from Oxfam’s General Counsel Joss Saunders how you can become involved as a Lawyer Against Poverty.

Speaking at the event will be:

· Andrew Caplen, President of The Law Society
· Magdalena Sepúlveda Carmona, former UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights
· Mark Goldring, Chief Executive of Oxfam GB
· Joss Saunders, General Counsel of Oxfam GB


To secure your place and for enquiries, please telephone 020 7316 5700 or email


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