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Deployment of Short Term Election Observation Missions to Djibouti and Chad Authorised by AUC Chairperson

The Chairperson of the African Union Commission has approved the deployment of the Short Term Electoral Observation Missions (AUEOM) for the Presidential Elections set for 8th April 2016 in the Republic of Djibouti and 10th April 2016 in the Republic of Chad.

The missions will take place from 6th-14th April 2016 and will be led respectively by:

Djibouti: H.E. Soumana Sako, Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Mali

Chad: H.E. Diocounda Traoré, Former President of the Transition of the Republic of Mali

Both will be made up of 25-30 Short Term Observers (STOs) respectively from the Pan-African Parliament, the Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC) of the African Union, the electoral management bodies, civil society organizations, think tanks, media and academic organizations on the continent. The STOs will be stationed in different constituencies in each country to monitor the electoral process.

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