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Justice & Human Rights for Africa

Associated with: International Criminal Law Bureau and 9 Bedford Row International


The Long Haul

“The Long Haul”, a new documentary on the global backlash against human rights is currently in production, and seeking crowdfunding. Produ...

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ARC is an initiative whose mission is to secure justice and strengthen the rule of law in Africa

ARC provides legal representation and advice on the preparation of cases before the African Court of Human and Peoples' Rights. ARC also provides legal services for individuals, NGOs and States in matters before the African Commission.

ARC is dedicated to the provision of legal services in Africa, including the collection of data and evidence, the conduct of legal research, provision of advice and court representation for individuals, NGOs and States.

ARC's legal services can be obtained through the office of Gillian Higgins at 9 Bedford Row International.


Judge Patricia Wald (1928-2019)

From The Washington Post:

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Fatou Bensouda statement to the UN Security Council on Darfur pursuant to UNSCR ...

On 14 December 2018, the Prosecutor of the ICC, Mme Fatou Bensouda, updated the Security Council on the Situation in Darfur. Ms Bensouda’s statement...

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Gillian Higgins to lead Mindfulness in the Workpla...

(click image to enlarge) The International Criminal Court Bar Association (ICCBA) is organizing a Mindfulness in the Workplace training session, specifically tailored for lawyers, on Friday 11th Janua...

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Steven Kay QC at IBA Annual Conference – Rome, 2018

Steven Kay QC spoke at the IBA Annual Conference in Rome today on: The business link to international crime: individual and state liability under the ...

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Steven Kay QC speaking at the IBA Annual Conference in Rome on Tuesday 9 October...

Cooperation between national and international judicial authorities: 20 years after the signing of the Rome Statute, is cooperation the pitfall of int...

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Advancing the Impact of Victim Participation at the International Criminal Court...

On 4th October 2018 the Centre for Criminology at the University of Oxford and the ICCBA are hosting a one-day workshop on victim participation at the...

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Immunity from arrest for member of diplomatic special mission

Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party lost their claim for judicial review of the decision of the UK Foreign Secretary and the Director of Public Pr...

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BIICL Published Report ‘The Use of Force in relation to Sovereignty Disputes o...

The BIICL (British Institute for International and Comparative Law) has published a report titled ‘The Use of Force in relation to Sovereignty Dispu...

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An Introduction to Mindfulness in the Workplace: London, Thursday 19th July 2018

Next month, international barrister and meditation teacher Gillian Higgins will be hosting a Corporate Mindfulness Morning at her chambers, 9 Bedford ...

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