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Justice & Human Rights for Africa

Associated with: International Criminal Law Bureau and 9 Bedford Row International


Steven Kay QC to be the Guest Speaker at The Law Society, London on 27 October

Steven Kay QC is to be the Guest Speaker at The Law Society, London on Thursday 27 October 2016 1300-1500 on the topic: “The International Crimi...

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ARC is an initiative whose mission is to secure justice and strengthen the rule of law in Africa

ARC provides legal representation and advice on the preparation of cases before the African Court of Human and Peoples' Rights. ARC also provides legal services for individuals, NGOs and States in matters before the African Commission.

ARC is dedicated to the provision of legal services in Africa, including the collection of data and evidence, the conduct of legal research, provision of advice and court representation for individuals, NGOs and States.

ARC's legal services can be obtained through the office of Gillian Higgins at 9 Bedford Row International.


Japan Federation of Bar Associations letter to Ste...

Dear Steven Kay, QC, I hope that you are doing well, and I thank you again for all of your efforts in helping to ensure the Japan Federation of Bar Associations Death Penalty Abolition Committee visit...

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Meditation for Barristers and Solicitors Chambers of 9 Bedford Row October/Novem...

Barristers and solicitors spend significant amounts of time in ‘fight or flight’ mode when dealing with the stress of advocacy and litigation. Med...

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IBA Annual Conference, September 2016

The yearly International Bar Association Conference took place from 18-23 September 2016 in Washington DC. Some of the most notable highlights from the event have been included in this summary, extrac...

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Dinner Held in Honour of Anthony Berry QC

Tonight 9 Bedford Row are holding a dinner at The Crypt in Ely Place, London, for Anthony Berry QC to mark the end of his term as Head of Chambers fro...

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Al Faqi Al Mahdi

ICC Sentences Al-Mahdi for Cultural Destruction in Landmark Case

The International Criminal Court has sentenced junior civil servant turned Islamic militant leader, Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi, to nine years imprisonment...

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International Nuremberg Principles Academy Newsletter – September 2016

For more information on the International Nuremberg Principles Academy, please visit: Latest News: Academy bids farewe...

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Press Release: ‘Application of human rights throughout the maritime envir...

IMHR 2016 Conference Review A week after the inaugural International Maritime Human Rights (IMHR) conference took place on Wednesday 14 September 2016...

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ICC Extends Remit to Include Cases of Environmental Destruction

On Thursday 15th September, Fatou Bensouda, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), published a detailed policy document providing g...

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2016 IBA ICL Perspectives Report – Now Available to Download and Read

‘Evidence Matters in ICC Trials’ is the latest report of the IBA’s ICC and ICL Programme as part of the thematic series IBA ICL Pers...

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